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Social Behavior

Social Behavior is a full-service Social Media Marketing Agency, helping clients discover opportunity in the ever-evolving social media landscape. We focus on the four pillars of Social Media: Content, Engagement, Ad Strategy, and Influencer Marketing.

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Our mission is to tell brand stories in the most engaging way possible using visually aesthetic content in the form of pictures or videos. Let us tell your brand story on social media.

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An Engagement Specialist is assigned to work on your account so we can manage inbound and outbound engagement for the best possible social media results.

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AD Strategy

We use a combination of organic engagement and paid ads to reach your target audience. Our ad strategists will use the latest advertising tools available on social media to reach your desired target audience.

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Influencer Marketing

The influencer community is proud to support brands they believe in. However, in order to set clear expectations an agency should be liaison on behalf of client.

Brands We Work With

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More than 15 years experience

900 Million Influencer database!

Our global influencer database is ready to handle any campaign.

Over 1 Million Impressions x month

On average our consolidated efforts reach and/or exceed approximately 1 Million social media users x month.

Professional Content Team

We are equipped with a full-time team of Content Creators, from visual creators to caption writers.


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We are boutique agency, and we choose our clients wisely, the same way they choose us. When we choose each other, we choose mutual success. Our goal is beyond 100% satisfaction and we take pride in achieving it every time!

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Why You'll Love Social Behavior

Check out some of our reviews from our clients!

“Karen and her team are so hardworking and really cater to the need of the specific business at hand. We have used Social Behavior before, and found that every time she helps us, she is able to work around our very limited hours to meet our needs. They fit our needs perfectly and provide exactly what we are looking for without any problems. Rebecca was responsive and helpful. I can't say enough about the cooperation and accessibility of Rebecca.”
Ian Tucker
“Working with the Social Behavior Team has been successful due to their ability to show up. They are able to perform and are always a step ahead. They are willing to come in and take photos but also are in constant communication about content, engagement and influencer collabs. They have exceeded our expectations with their creativity, punctuality and work ethic. Social behavior is one of those rare companies who really go above and beyond, what they should rewarded for each time they dazzle me with their creative ideas.”
Beena Hassan
“Social Behavior has been great for our business and has helped us grow through brand development, marketing and social media. Working with them has been wonderful. Their team are very resourceful, cooperative and helpful. I highly recommend Social Behavior to anyone willing to help their business grow and reach a broader demographic.”
Celi Perez

"Viral Ideas"

The right social media strategy can help you drive revenue, createbrand awareness, targetted engagement, and user generated content.
Stay TEN steps ahead of your competitors with a winning social media strategy.

Karen De Amat

Founder & CEO

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