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FOX 26 -The Isiah Factor

Looming threat of TikTok ban hangs over heads of social media influencers

TikTok has been a goldmine for successful influencers. But if the app is banned, what happens?

FOX 26 -The Isiah Factor

Subscription service allows Instagram and Facebook users to pay for verification

If you've been dreaming about having your Instagram handle verified, you can now apply. You don't have to be a celebrity, but that blue tick will cost. In this segment, we ask if the new service takes away from the prestige of being verified.

Fox 26 -The Isiah Factor

Free verification on Twitter officially ends

f you haven't already, it's time to kiss those free blue checkmarks on Twitter goodbye. Social media expert Karen De Amat joins The Isiah Factor: Uncensored to talk about the big changes coming to the popular social media app.

Houston Chronicle

Houston restaurant Chick'nCone rewards 'good Karens' of the world

Houston's first Chick'nCone, located at 1919 Shepherd, had a "Karen Day" on Monday to celebrate the good Karens of the world. They didn't exactly detail what makes someone a good Karen, but it's likely to be those who mind their business and don't go viral for being annoying.

Daily Mail

Texas fried chicken restaurant hosts 'Karen Day' where 'all good Karens' got a free meal - but ONLY if they said, 'I want to speak to the manager'

Chick'nCone - a fried chicken chain - says the idea behind the very targeted promotion was to 'show sympathy to the good 'Karens' of the world' by offering anyone with Karen as a legal name free food.

Fox 26 -The Isiah Factor​

All-female panel discusses what does it mean to have the first female vice president

Tomaro Bell/Former Super Neighborhood President, Reshonda Tate-Billingsley/Author & Journalist, Karen De Amat/CEO of Social Behavior, and Melissa Rascon/Community Organizer chime in on what it means to have the first female Vice President in the White House.

PaSH MAgazine

From Immigrant To Success: Karen De Amat Chats Building A Social Media Empire

Karen De Amat is the founder of a Houston, Texas based social media agency, Social Behavior. Recently celebrating its six year anniversary, Social Behavior has gone from a home based, single person agency to a seven person, brick and mortar agency. With locations in Houston and Miami, Karen has a few gems to drop surrounding entrepreneurship and building a business.

Fox 26 -The Isiah Factor​

Social media expert shares warning against 'first drink' TikTok trend

The 'first drink' TikTok trend is taking over, but experts are warning against it as it could haunt you for time to come. Usually at weddings or other large events, the challenge sees people introduce themselves having their first drink vs their last drink, hilariously seeing them go from stone-cold sober to drunk.

FOX 26 -The Isiah Factor

Looming threat of TikTok ban hangs over heads of social media influencers

Just when you were getting the hang of your social media apps, new ones hit the app store. Social media expert Karen De Amat breaks down Meta's answer to Twitter.

FOX 26 -The Isiah Factor

Ai social media profiles

Artificial Intelligence creates fake azz dating app profiles

Fox 26 -The Isiah Factor

Social Media Monday: Twitter's 'X' rebrand

Twitter x rebrand Social Media Monday: Twitter's 'X' rebrand

FOX 26 -The Isiah Factor

'Girl Dinner' trend concerns

An online trend may be promoting some unhealthy eating habits.

FOX 26 -The Isiah Factor

Social Media Monday: TikTok troubles

Could time be running out for TikTok? Some lawmakers are looking to get rid of the app for good.